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Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Power supply systems, managements of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases
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Control body sizes
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General information

Type 5-дверный the Versatile person (standard or extended - Grand), or the Cabriolet
Design The body settles down on the bent frame of a ladder design
Designation in the text of the Management of body racks (in front back) And, In, With and D

Massogabaritnye of the car characteristic

See. Specifications to Head Governing bodies and operation receptions.

The fixed glasses

Type of adjusting hermetic В001 77 739 (on KIA classification)
Thickness of a pillow of hermetic, mm 11
Duration of time of hardening of hermetic, h
Superficial hardening (approximately)
    At temperature 5°С
    At temperature 20°С
    At temperature 35°С
Final polymerization (the car can it is allowed to operation)
    At temperature 5°С
    At temperature 20°С
    At temperature 35°С

Control body sizes

See. Control body sizes.

Efforts of a tightening of carving connections, Nanometer

Efforts of a tightening of separate elements of fixture can be brought directly in the text of sections where they are allocated with a bold print.

Loopy bolts of a cowl 19 ÷ 26
Fastening of assembly of the lock of a cowl
7.8 ÷ 11
20 ÷ 26
Bolts of fastening of racks of bumpers 16 ÷ 23
Loopy bolts of doors
    Lateral doors
18 ÷ 29
    Back door
16 ÷ 24
Bolts of fastening of limiters of a course of opening of doors 18 ÷ 29
Bolts of fastening of external door handles 9 ÷ 13
Bolts of fastening of assemblies of door locks 4 ÷ 6
Nuts of fastening of activators of door locks 2
Bolts of fastening of directing door glasses 8 ÷ 11
Nuts of fastening of regulators of window regulators 9 ÷ 13
Bolts of fastening of the directing fixed glasses of back doors 9 ÷ 13
Bolts of fastening of glasses to regulators 6
Screws of fastening of arms of poruchnevy handles 2
Spherical hairpins of a telescopic emphasis of a door of a back 8 ÷ 10
Fixture (bolt and nut) assemblies of drafts of a drive of forward screen wipers 7 ÷ 10
Fastening bolts э / motors of a drive of screen wipers (lobbies and back) 7 ÷ 10
Shpindelnye of a nut of levers of screen wipers (lobbies and back) 10 ÷ 14
Bolts of fastening of the dashboard
    Except the top central
9 ÷ 14
    Top central (under a decorative cap)
4 ÷ 6
Bolts of fastening of seats 38 ÷ 51
Bolts of fastening of rotary fists of backs of forward seats 34 ÷ 56