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General information

The scheme of the organization of transfer of a torque from a transfer case to driving wheels of the car

1 — Carter of differential of the forward bridge
2 — Carter (sleeve) of a target shaft of the forward bridge
3 — the Left power shaft

4 — Stupichnaya assembly
5 — the Transfer case
6 — Carter of differential of the back bridge

Peredny Bridge

Torque transfer from the driveshaft to forward wheels of the car in a 4WD mode provide the gipoidny main transfer equipped with not blocked differential and pair of equal angular speeds of power shafts equipped with hinges.

Between differential and the left power shaft in a sleeve of the bridge the target shaft of a reducer is established.

Naves of forward wheels are standardly completed with automatic couplings of a free wheeling with a vacuum drive which can be in case of need replaced automatic obgonny, or mechanical with manual switching.

Zadny Bridge

Zadny Bridge has not cutting design. Placed in a case of the bridge of steam of semi-axes of a drive of wheels are entered into gearing with lateral gear wheels of not blocked differential of the gipoidny main transfer perceiving a torque from the back driveshaft. On the all-wheel drive petrol models equipped with the DOHC engine, the back bridge can be completed optionally with the being self-blocked differential of a limited proskalzyvaniye (LSD).