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Kia Sportage>> Suspension bracket and steering>> Back suspension bracket

Back suspension bracket

General information

Back suspension bracket dependent with not cutting bridge, two bottom and one top longitudinal levers, the telescopic shock-absorbers which have been separately established by screw springs and a jet bar.

Scheme of the organization of a back suspension bracket

1 — the Shock-absorber
2 — the Screw spring
3 — the Jet bar

4 — the Top rubber saddle of a screw spring
5 — the Top longitudinal lever
6 — the Bottom longitudinal levers

Three longitudinal levers provide fixing of the back bridge and compensate working for twisting of the last the torsionny forces arising during acceleration and braking of the car. The back ends levers of a suspension bracket fasten to a bridge case, lobbies - to a car frame. All points of fastening of levers are equipped with rubber plugs.

Details of installation of longitudinal levers of a back suspension bracket

1 — Nizhny the lever
2, 4 — Rubber plugs
3 — the Top lever

The jet bar one (bottom) end fastens to assembly of the back bridge, second (top) - to a frame of the chassis and carries out functions of the stabilizer of cross-section stability.

Separately established double-thread gazo-oil shock-absorbers and pair of screw springs also are located between a frame of the car and assembly of the back bridge and serve for minimization of percussions and the vibrating loadings transferred from a running gear to a frame and a body of the car.

1 — the Shock-absorber
2 — the Screw spring