KIA of Sportazh - Kia Sportage
Governing bodies and operation receptions
Current leaving and service
Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Power supply systems, managements of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases
Systems of electric equipment of the engine
Five-step manual box of gear shifting
Automatic transmission
Transmission line
Brake system
Suspension bracket and steering
   General information
   Assessment of a condition of components of a suspension bracket and steering drive
   Forward suspension bracket
   Back suspension bracket
      General information
      Removal and installation of components of assembly of the back bridge
      Removal, check and installation of shock-absorbers and screw springs
      Removal, service and installation of longitudinal levers
      Removal, service and installation of a jet bar
   Suspension bracket geometry
Onboard electric equipment
Control body sizes
Schemes of electric connections

Kia Sportage>> Suspension bracket and steering>> Back suspension bracket>> Removal, service and installation of a jet bar

Removal, service and installation of a jet bar



    Hang out the car over the earth. Remove back wheels. Prop up the back bridge a jack. Turn out fixing bolts and remove the lever needing replacement.
1 — the Bolt
2 — the Bar



    Check a bar on existence of deformations, cracks and other mechanical damages, estimate a condition of rubber plugs. In case of need replace plugs, or the lever assembled. Vypressovyvaniye and is made by means of the special adaptation (see an illustration), - before installation the new plug it is necessary to moisten a zapressovyvaniye of rubber shpindelny plugs with soap solution.



    Installation is made upside-down, - track observance of requirements of Specifications of Head the Suspension bracket and a steering to efforts of a tightening of carving fixture.