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Checks of system of a charge

Before starting performance of checks, familiarize with the list of security measures at service of components of system of a charge (see. The section charge System - general information and security measures).

Remember that failure of the generator is not the unique possible cause of infringement of serviceability of functioning of system of a charge. At identification of signs of refusal of system execute the following checks:

    Check a condition and effort of a tension of a driving belt of the generator, in case of need make its replacement; Check reliability of a tightening of bolts of fastening of the generator; Check a condition of electroconducting of the generator and its terminal connections, in case of need remove oxidation products, tighten fixture; Check a condition of the corresponding safety locks located in the main assembly block (see. Head Onboard electric equipment), - before replacement of the punched safety lock eliminate the overload reason; Start the engine and make sure that the generator does not publish any extraneous noise, - whistle or squeal can testify to wear of bearings or brushes; Check completeness of level of a charge of the storage battery, - remember that one damage of a banok can lead to increase in a current of consumption; Disconnect from the wire battery both (at first negative) and attentively study a condition of polar plugs, - in case of detection of traces of corrosion carefully smooth out plugs, it is desirable with use of special adaptations, track reliability of fixing on plugs of tips of wires.

Check of target tension

Petrol models

Scheme of connection of the generator and arrangement of its contact plugs (diesel models)


    Check correctness of a tension of a driving belt of the generator, measure target tension of the storage battery at the switched-off engine, - the result of measurement should make about 12.4 Century. Start the engine, - if a control lamp of a charge in a combination of devices (see. Head Governing bodies and operation receptions) regularly dies away right after implementation of start pass two following checks and pass to procedure performance. Include ignition and test the voltmeter all three plugs of the generator, - on plugs B and S tension of the battery should take place (about 12 In), the result of measurement on the plug L should make 1 V.Zapustite the engine and repeat check, - on all three plugs there should be a tension of 14.1 ÷ 14.7 Century. At positive results of the made measurements check serviceability of a condition of electroconducting on a chain site between the battery and the generator plug B, otherwise check all electroconducting brought to the generator, - if it is not possible to reveal any violations, replace the generator (see. Section Removal and generator installation). Disconnect electroconducting from the generator plug B, include everything onboard consumers of the electric power and squeeze out a pedal of a foot brake. Connect the ampermeter between the plug B of the generator and the electroconducting socket, - if at engine 2500 ÷ 3000 turns in a minute force of a measured current makes not less than 65 And, therefore, the system of a charge functions regularly, otherwise it is necessary to check correctness of a tension of a driving belt and, in case of need, to make the corresponding adjustment (see. Head Current leaving and service). If a belt as it should be, replace the generator (see. Section Removal and generator installation).

Diesel models

Scheme of connection of the generator and arrangement of its contact plugs (diesel models)


    Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
    Connect to the generator the voltmeter and the ampermeter according to the scheme.
    Connect a negative wire to the battery. Start the engine and include headlights. Gradually lift turns of the engine and consider size of force of a target current of the generator. If in the presence of a target current the indication of the voltmeter exceeds tension of the battery, the generator as it should be.

Check of the vacuum pump of the generator (diesel models)


    Paste on a starter pulley a reflecting adhesive tape and connect to the engine a tachometer.
    Connect the vacuum gage to a vacuum hose on a site between the vacuum pump and the vacuum amplifier of brakes.
    Start the engine and check correctness of dependence of performance data of the pump (depth of created tension) from frequency of rotation of the generator (see. Specifications of the Head of System of electric equipment of the engine).

Frequency of rotation of the generator acts in film by means of a photo-electric tachometer.

    Attentively study a condition of components of pump assembly, - estimate degree of wear of the case and the central disk, make sure of integrity of a sealing ring, measure length of shiberny shovels and internal diameter of a casing. Compare results of measurements to requirements of Specifications of the Head of System of electric equipment of the engine. In case of need make replacement.

Wear of the bottom surfaces of shiberny shovels about directing ring of the central disk is norm and concern should not cause.