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Kia Sportage>> Suspension bracket and steering>> Steering>> Removal, check and installation of a steering wheel and steering column

Removal, check and installation of a steering wheel and steering column



    Tire out the car on an equal horizontal platform with a firm covering and bring forward wheels into rectilinear situation. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery. Remove an overlay of a steering wheel and disunite two sockets of electroconducting of the switch of a horn. At the corresponding complete set remove from a steering wheel the module of a driver's safety cushion (see. Head Onboard electric equipment).
    Release a fixing nut and by means of a suitable stripper dismantle a steering wheel, - at all do not make attempt of removal of a steering wheel by a postukivaniye a hammer on a shaft!
    Turn out fixing screws and remove the top and bottom sections of a casing of a steering column.
1 — the Top cover
2 — the Bottom cover
    Remove a cam (1) returnable switch.
    Turn out a bolt of fastening of assembly of podrulevy switches.
    Disunite four contact sockets and remove assembly of the combined switches (1) from a steering column.
    Turn out four fixing screws (1) and remove the bottom section of furnish of the dashboard.
    Disunite four sockets (1) electroconducting of contact group of the switch of ignition.
    Turn out two bolts of fastening of the top basic arm of a steering column.
    Give four bolts/nuts of fastening of the bottom basic arm of a steering column.
    Turn out a bolt of fastening of an intermediate shaft and remove a steering column.
    Chisel punch shlitsa in srezny heads of fixing bolts and, having screwed the last a screw-driver, remove assembly of the lock of blocking of a steering shaft.



    Examine a column on existence of signs of mechanical damages.
    Measure total length of a column, - demanded value makes 766.5 mm.
    Estimate a condition of the kardanny hinge of an intermediate shaft, - the hinge should rotate smoothly, silently and not to have люфтов.



    Establish on a steering column assembly of the blocking lock and fix it new bolts, having tightened the last before cutting of heads.
    Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components, - track observance of requirements of Specifications of Head the Suspension bracket and a steering to efforts of a tightening of carving fixture.