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   SRS shutdown
   Reading of codes of malfunction of DTC
   Removal and installation of the module of a driver's safety cushion
   Removal, installation and adjustment of a contact cable drum of the module of a driver's safety cushion
   Removal and installation of the diagnostic module of safety cushions (ADU)
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Kia Sportage>> Onboard electric equipment>> SRS shutdown

SRS shutdown

The diagnostic block (ADU) of system of additional safety is equipped with the independent power supply.

Before starting removal of any SRS components it is necessary to make system shutdown.


  1. Turn the ignition key in the situation LOCK, disconnect electroconducting from the storage battery (at first a negative wire, then positive) and wait not less than 10 minutes, necessary for a discharge of the independent SRS power supply, - for a guarantee of completeness of a discharge include headlights.
  2. For SRS input in action connect the battery and include ignition, - the control lamp should be activated approximately for 6 seconds, then go out.