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тент тарпаулин укрывной с люверсами Купить.

Kia Sportage>> Engine>> Diesel models>> Removal, installation and service of the oil pump

Removal, installation and service of the oil pump

Details of installation of the oil pump are shown on an illustration.

Design of the oil pump

1 — the Screw
2 — the Cover
3 — the External gear wheel

4 — the Internal gear wheel
5 — Reduktsionny the valve
6 — the Forward epiploon of a cranked shaft
7 — the Case of pump assembly


    Make dismantle disturbing to performance of procedure of components (see appropriate sections in the present chapter and the Section Removal and installation of masloraspylitel in Head the Current leaving and service). Turn out fixing screws and remove the oil pump. Transfer pump assembly on a workbench, turn out seven fixing screws and uncover (1).
    Having weakened by means of a shock screw-driver, turn out fixing screws and remove a back cover of pump assembly.

Try not to damage at an otpuskaniye of screws the pump case!

    Take internal and external gear wheels. Take a lock ring and remove components of the reduktsionny valve (a saddle, a spring and a plunzher). Take an epiploon, - the epiploon is subject to replacement without fail (see. Section Replacement of epiploons of a cranked shaft). Attentively examine the case and a pump cover, in case of identification of cracks, deformations and other mechanical damages replace defective components. Estimate degree of wear of a plunzher of assembly of the reduktsionny valve, in case of need make its replacement. Check a condition of a spring of klapanny assembly, in case of detection of defects make replacement. Make control measurements:
    Measure size axial люфта gear wheels.
    Measure sizes of gaps between tops of teeths of gear wheels and a crescent insert.
    Measure size люфта landings of an external gear wheel in the working chamber of the case.
    Compare results of measurements to requirements of Specifications of Head the Engine, in case of need make the corresponding replacements. Assembly is made as it should be the return to an order of dismantle of components. Before landing in pump assembly grease the NEW epiploon with pure impellent oil. Track, that fixing screws were tightened with demanded effort.
    Having greased with lithium greasing of the NGLI No2 type, establish on pump assembly the NEW sealing ring.
    Impose on an interfaced surface of pump assembly a continuous pillow of hermetic. Press the pump on the engine and fix it bolts, having tightened the last with demanded effort (bolts М8: 16 ÷ 23 Nanometers, bolts М10: 32 ÷ 47 Nanometers). Remove supporting edge of a joint of components hermetic. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components. Do not forget about need of observance of requirements of Specifications of Head the Engine to efforts of a tightening of carving fixture. Fill in in the engine fresh engine oil. Start the engine and check it on existence of signs of development of leaks through joints of the established components.