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System of cooling of the engine

Cooling liquid - general information

Do not allow antifreeze hit on open sites of a body and the painted surfaces of the car. Casual splashes immediately wash away a plentiful quantity of water. Remember that antifreeze is extremely toxic liquid and its hit in an organism even in small amounts is fraught with the most serious consequences, up to a lethal outcome. Never leave antifreeze being stored in leaky closed container, immediately collect cooling liquid spilled on a floor. Remember that the sweetish smell of antifreeze can draw to itself attention of children and animals. About ways of utilization of the fulfilled cooling liquid consult at experts HUNDRED, - in many regions of the world special points on different reception of working off are equipped. At all do not merge working off in the sewerage and on the earth!

Recently nontoxical grades of antifreeze are developed, nevertheless, they also should to be utilized in the organized order.

The system of cooling should be filled all-the-year-round with a mix of water, antifreeze and anticorrosive means that interferes with corrosion development, adjournment of salts and, besides, increases temperature of boiling of cooling liquid. Additional increase of a boiling point of the heat-carrier is provided at the expense of liquid expansion when heating. Growth of superfluous pressure is limited built in in a radiator cover to the double-thread valve opening at pressure of 1.05 kgfs/cm2 (103 kPas) and providing a perekachivaniye of excess of liquid in a broad tank.

Excess of a boiling point conducts to formation of the steam jams breaking normal circulation of liquid in an okhladitelny path. Considering told, for filling of system of cooling should it is necessary to use at any time years only a mix of demanded structure (see. Specifications of the Head of System of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning).