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Kia Sportage>> Automatic transmission>> Search of malfunctions - the general information

Search of malfunctions - the general information

At failure detection of automatic transmission first of all check ATF level (see. Head Current leaving and service). If level is insufficient, estimate a condition of the corresponding epiploons. Attentively examine all hoses of a path of ATF, and also the heat exchanger of a cooler of transmission liquid and make sure of lack of signs of development of leaks. The only thing that can be still executed by strengths of the owner of a vehicle, is check/replacement of information sensors of a control system of AT. Before starting replacement of the suspected sensor, poll memory of the module of management (TCM), - all a little essential refusals are registered in memory of the module in the form of the DTC codes (the list of codes see in Specifications of Head Automatic transmission).

In case of especially serious violations of TCM automatically switches transmission in emergency operation of functioning.

Reading of the DTC codes is made by means of the special scanner connected to the socket of system of onboard self-diagnostics (DTC) (see. The section Reading of the DTC codes, cleaning of memory of the processor), - in the absence of access to the necessary equipment will try to define qualitatively at least the refusal nature (at level enough: electric/mechanical) for the purpose of simplification of communication with specialists of car-care center. It is not necessary to start AT removal as its diagnostics is represented possible only in the established situation prematurely.