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Kia Sportage>> Automatic transmission>> Removal and installation of the lever of the AT selector

Removal and installation of the lever of the AT selector

Design and details of installation of the lever of the AT selector

1 — the Handle
2 — the Casing
3 — the Display panel

4 — Shpindelny a bolt
5 — the Directing plate
6 — the Lever


    Disconnect a negative wire from the battery. Remove back and forward sections of a console ware box (see. Head Body).
    Transfer the AT selector lever to the situation "R", then release fixing nuts.
    Take шплинт and separate from the lever (1) selector rod (2).
    Disconnect electroconducting of the indicator of provisions and the HOLD mode switch. Turn out the fixing screw and remove from the lever the handle and a casing.
1 — the Handle
2 — the Casing
    Remove the display panel (1).
    Release a fixing nut, take a shpindelny bolt (1) and separate the lever from a directing plate.
    Grease the specified elements of a directing plate.
    Grease the rasporny plug, fill the lever on the regular place in directing plate and fix it a shpindelny bolt, having tightened a nut of the last with demanded effort (11.7 ÷ 16.7 Nanometer).
    Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components, - the effort of a tightening of the screw of fastening of the handle of the lever makes 2.0 ÷ 3.0 Nanometers, nuts of a directing plate of lever assembly, - 17.6 ÷ 26.5 Nanometers. Do not forget to restore initial connection of electroconducting.