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KIA of Sportazh - Kia Sportage
Governing bodies and operation receptions
Current leaving and service
Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Power supply systems, managements of engine/decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and production of the fulfilled gases
Systems of electric equipment of the engine
Five-step manual box of gear shifting
Automatic transmission
Transmission line
Brake system
Suspension bracket and steering
Onboard electric equipment
Control body sizes
Schemes of electric connections

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KIA Sportage cars

In the real Management KIA Sportage II cars of a model range of a sample of 1999 ÷ 2002 years are considered.

Along with Suzuki Vitara, Kia Sportage is one of pioneers of compact SUVs of Part-time 4WD family, i.e., with a connected full drive. Characteristic of this family is the lack of interaxal differential predetermining use of a 4WD mode only at movement on a cross-country terrain with weak soil (dirt, sand, snow), or on roads with a slippery or friable covering (ice, snow).

Considered models are equipped with the ryadny 4-cylinder 16-klapanny petrol engine of the FE series with the top arrangement of two camshafts (DOHC) in volume of 2.0 l and capacity of 128 h.p., or two-liter ryadny 4-cylinder 8-клапанным the turbirovanny diesel RF TCI engine with the top arrangement of one camshaft (OHC) and capacity of 83 h.p. According to purpose of the car (SUV 4 x 4) the power unit is located in an impellent compartment is longitudinal.

Torque transfer from a cranked shaft of the engine to wheels of leaders of back and forward bridges is carried out by means of a 5-step manual box of gear shifting (RKPP) / 4-step automatic transmission (AT) and the transfer case connected to reducers of bridges by means of back and forward driveshafts. The transfer case is in addition equipped with the two-level reducer providing possibility of fall of transfer in an all-wheel drive mode (4L). Naves of forward wheels are standardly equipped with couplings of a free wheeling with the vacuum drive providing possibility of automatic shutdown of wheels from power shafts at switching in a mode 2Н, without necessity of the movement termination. Blocking of interwheel differentials is not provided.

Optionally the back bridge can be equipped with the being self-blocked differential of a limited proskalzyvaniye (LSD).

Forward suspension bracket independent, two-lever, with the stabilizer of cross-section stability, back - dependent, with the shtangovy directing device.

Steering drive hydrostrengthened, designs «the screw - a ball nut», widely applied on cars of sports and economic appointment (category SUV).

Base brake system - hydraulic, double-circuit with vacuum strengthening and dynamic adjustment of distribution of brake forces. Forward brake mechanisms disk, ventilated, back - drum-type. A drive of the parking brake manual, hummock, with an exit to brake mechanisms of back wheels.

In addition to base brake system KIA Sportage cars can be equipped with system of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS) and electronic and hydraulic system of distribution of brake forces (EBD).

Now the Russian assembly line of cars of foreign production – the JSC Avtotor company (Kaliningrad) issues only petrol KIA Sportage version with a body of a frame design of the Versatile person type 5-дверный with standard, or extended (Grand) a body.